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EU Clothing Imports in 1st Quarter 2013: Categories Statistical Report

EU import prices fell in a series of categories in first quarter this year, boosting shipments in volume terms. In other categories, by contrast, trends were the same than in 2012 with further rising prices and still falling imports, as clearly indicated by our market analysis. Statistical tables are published with volume, value and unit value changes in euro and US$ terms, covering 4-digit categories of 61 and 62 chapters (knit and woven clothing). The full table is also available for download.

EU clothing imports started recovering in volume terms over the first quarter this year with very large differences depending on specific HS 4-digit categories.

Overall knit clothing imports from outside the 27-member area were up 2.26% in chapter HS 61.

Surging suit and trouser imports

Imports of knit suits and trousers even surged 24% and 11% in men/boys and women/girls categories, in volume terms.

By contrast, imports of T-shirts still fell 4.15%, more decreasing than in previous quarter (-2.8% only).

Pullover imports surged 11% in volume terms in first quarter, after declining 3.8% in fourth quarter last year.

In woven clothing chapter HS 62, suit and trouser imports similarly rose, although less significantly, while woven shirt imports further dropped.

Lower prices boosting orders

This is easily correlated to differences in unit price variations.

In euro terms, unit prices fell the most in HS 6104 (knit suits and trousers), with a drop of 18.4.

By contrast, unit values only decreased by 1% in 6106 (women/girls knit shirts).

In 6203 (w/g woven suits and trousers), unit prices fell more than 10% while they rose 6.9% in 6206 (w/g woven shirts).

3-Year trends are not different

Long term trends confirm this difference between products, with prices up 28% in euro terms from first quarter 2010 -three years earlier- in category 6205 (m/b woven shirts).

By contrast, unit values only rose 13% in 6203 (m/b woven suits and trousers) in the meantime.

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