Cashmere Fiber and Yarn Export Prices - Domestic prices in Bohai

Cashmere Fiber and Yarn Prices in China Quarterly Report

Cashmere prices climbed in the past months in China, in line with the rising demand during the high season. Our below report offers a picture of long-term trends of cashmere prices with latest average export prices for Chinese fibers and yarns. Domestic fiber and yarn prices on China's Bohai market are also released.

Although the cashmere prices stopped strongly surging as experienced a few years ago, both the export prices and domestic prices have sharply rebounded in the first quarter this year.

Export price for dehaired cashmere fibers rose 7.7% in the first three months of 2014, gaining 20.9% from a year earlier. The export volumes however declined at the same time.

Both worsted and woolen cashmere yarn prices followed the same trend and went up around 4.5% and 7% respectively in the first quarter.

Cashmere prices on China's domestic market also recovered in the past three months, in line with the high season demand.

Rising stock, sliding price

Chinese cashmere producers are now in the shearing season, after a warm winter in north China, waiting for the coming trading deals for deciding the price trend of the year.

As a consequence of relatively low cashmere prices in the last year, many cashmere farmers and herdsmen retained their inventories in their warehouses, so did the cashmere traders in China.

The stock of cashmere may continue rising over the coming period.

Download China cashmere export data (.csv file)

Download China Bohai cashmere prices (.csv file)


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