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India Apparel Exports in fiscal 2013-14 Country Report

India's apparel exports tremendously surged in last fiscal year (April 13 - March 14), according to just released data, below available in volume and value terms (Rupees and US$). Shipments experienced a double-digit surge to nearly all destinations whereas results were radically different depending on product categories. We below release a series of tables with historical records, market destinations, and HS-4 digit categories. Volume,value and unit value (USD, INR) changes are available. Comprehensive spreadsheet files can easily be downwloaded.

Indian apparel exporters have enjoyed a glorious fiscal year in 2013-14 (April-March), according to latest available data.

Total apparel exports have jumped from US$13 billion in the previous year up to US15 billion, a surge of 15.7% in US$ terms.

Knit apparel exports of HS chapter 61 have increased by nearly 20% whereas woven apparel exports (HS 62) "only" rose 12.6% in US$ terms.

Surging to Dubai and Germany

This is in sharp contrast with the decline experienced in the previous fiscal year of 2012-13 when total apparel exports had fallen 5.6%.

In 2013-14, shipments more sharply rose to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), due to its enhanced role of trading hub from where products are re-exported.

The UAE was the third largest market in value terms, only after the US (+10.6%) and the U.K. (+11%).

Exports to the French, Italian and German markets more significantly rose than average with their share of total exports therefore rising.

Not only due to rupee's drop

The surge in sales in US$ terms was mostly due to a sharp decline of the rupee from a year earlier.

Apparel exports more strongly increased in rupee terms, as a result, enjoying a surge of 28.7% in the last fiscal year.

Even in volume terms, the growth in exports reached an amazing level of 27.2%.

In addition to a lower currency value, Indian exporters may have benefited from the surge in labor costs in China and from the security issues in Bangladesh.

Statistical warning

Average unit price fell 9% in US$ terms while rising 1.2% in rupee terms.

With the volume exports supplied by statistical office DGCI&S in pieces (and not in kilos), falling unit values may reflect a large increase of the number of pieces being shipped to foreign products and not only a real decline of prices.

India Apparel Exports in 2006-07 to 2013-14 (csv file)

India Apparel Exports: Destinations (csv file)

India Apparel Exports: Product Categores (csv file)


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