Polyester Fiber and Yarn Prices in China, India and Pakistan, in local currency and US$ terms

Polyester Fiber & Yarn Price Comparison: China vs. India and Pakistan Statistical Report

Polyester fiber and yarn prices have sharply fallen in January, in China, India and Pakistan, although not at the same pace. Our monthly report compares polyester staple fiber and polyester spun yarn prices in China, India and Pakistan, in both local currency terms and US$ terms. Gross margins of spinners are also calculated on a monthly basis. Historical data back to 2007 are available for download.

Polyester staple fiber prices have dramatically declined in January, negatively affecting the level of polyester spun prices, as a result.

In China, benchmark 1.4D PSF price has lost 824 yuan per metric ton or 10.6%, on average.

In India, the same 1.4D PSF price has dropped by 11 rupees per kilo or 12.1%.

In Pakistan 1.4D PSF has decreased by 9 rupees per kilo or 'only' 6.6%.

Less falling yarn prices

In the three countries, 100% polyester yarn prices have also declined, although less considerably.

Prices have lost 7.3% in China if considering 32s in Qianqing. They fell 4.9% in India (30s in Bhiwandi) and 5.8% in Pakistan (30s in Faisalabad).

Gross margins have therefore narrowed in China and Pakistan whereas rising in India.

From their level a year earlier, PSF declined 29% in China, 27% in Pakistan and only 18% in India.

Yarn prices have dropped 19% in China, 13% in India, and even 23% in Pakistan, however from relatively high levels.

Polyester Fiber and Yarn Price Database

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