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Pakistan Apparel Exports Country Report

Pakistan's apparel exports have rebounded in 2014, mainly due to the preferential treatment offered by the European Union to the low-cost country, whereas sales to the United States have stagnated. Our statistical series provide a comprehensive view of Pakistan's clothing exports by month over the last 10 years, with long-term trends being analysed for knit and woven categories, respectively. The report also includes an exhaustive review of US and EU imports from Pakistan per product category.

Pakistan's apparel exports have begun recovering in the last fiscal year ended June 30th, 2014.

Total clothing exports have risen 9.9% in US$ terms at more than US$4 billion.

The growth continued unabated in the first half of the new fiscal year, ended on December 31th.

Boosted by GSP-Plus

Apparel exports jumped by 10.1% in US$ terms, reflecting a rise of 6.6% for knit apparel whereas woven apparel exports were surging 14.5%.

Pakistan's exporters are obviously benefiting from the new trade regime offered by the European Union under the so-called GSP-Plus.

Effective from January 1st, 2014, the duty-free access offered to a large number of products has boosted shipments to the 28 members of the European Union.

Over the first three quarters of the last year, EU clothing imports from Pakistan surged 23.4% in volume terms, gaining 26.8% in euro terms.

Tiny market share, however

At the same time, overall EU imports were rising 11.7% and 8% in volume and value terms, respectively.

In four years, imports from Pakistan have surged 40% in volume terms, even rising 77% in euro terms.

Pakistan's market share of the European Union remained relatively small however, at only 2.44% in value terms.

The largest growth in the first three quarters of 2014 is observed in a series of products categories like T-shirts (+63% in volume terms) or pullovers (+49%).

Missing the shift to man-made fiber apparel

On the US market by contrast, imports from Pakistan stagnated in volume terms in full last year, even slightly declining in US$ terms.

Pakistan's exporters continued however getting good results with their cotton woven shirts in categories 340/341.

When US buyers are shifting to man-made fiber apparel, Pakistan remains largely focused on cotton products, not surprisingly.

Cotton apparel accounted for 82.5% of total US apparel imports from Pakistan in value terms in the last year, compared with an overall share of less than 50% for cotton apparel on the US import market.

Pakistan will therefore have to adapt its apparel industry to new needs of the US and EU markets, or the GSP-Plus status could later appear like a short-term bonanza.

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