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Spandex and PTMEG Prices in China Monthly Report

Spandex prices continued slightly declining in the last weeks in China, whereas raw material costs of elastane producers remained unchanged by contrast. This can be easily explained by the specific factors of the spandex market. Our monthly report covers spandex and PTMEG prices on the domestic Chinese market, with latest trends of gross margins at spandex plants on a daily and monthly basis. Daily data over the last 12 months are available for download.

Spandex prices have further fallen in the last weeks in China.

Average price for benchmark 40D semi-bright has declined 700 yuan per metric ton or 1.6% in the last four weeks at 43,000 yuan per metric ton.

Lower decline than for polyester

Compared with polyester however, elastane prices have remained very firm over the period.

Averaged price in January was 43,740 yuan, down 1.9% from prior month.

The raw material costs of spandex producers have remained flat in the past four weeks in China, with the PTMEG price frozen at 20,400 yuan per MT.

Declining margins

As a result, gross margin of the spandex industry has slightly declined, however remaining at a relatively high level by historical standards.

Spandex prices are now expected further declining after lunar year holidays, due to a relatively weak demand and ample supply.

Production capacities are expected to be significantly raised in 2015 for the first time in about three years.

A rise of 10% in existing capacities in China is being announced for the current year and this could pressure prices.

Daily and Historical Spandex Prices

Daily and Monthly updated prices are available in our database:

Spandex and PTMEG (Daily and Historical Series)

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