Mohair Fiber Prices in South Africa

Mohair Fiber Prices Quarterly Report

Mohair prices have further surged in the last months if considering average market indicators. Finest micron categories have however experienced a fall in US$ prices in South Africa, by far the largest supplier of mohair fibers, which are sheared from angora goats. Our new quarterly report covers the different market categories in South Africa, including, kid, young, adults. Historical data back to the past eight years are available for download, including all sales by Cape Mohair.

Mohair prices have further surged in the past months overall, with finest fiber prices however declining in US$ terms.

The price indicator for overall mohair fibers has gained 17% in the last 12 months in South Africa, in local currency terms.

In US$ terms, the same indicator only rose 5.6% over the period, reflecting the fall of the rand against the American dollar.

The finest fibers of the so-called "Kid" variety did not experience the same price trends, however.

Italian suits

After incredibly surging over the last years, the kid indicator of Cape Mohair has dropped 14% from a year earlier in US$ terms.

The kid fibers are mostly sold to produce materials which are increasingly sought by Italian makers of luxury suits.

In euro terms, prices have continued soaring in the last 12 months, due to the fall of the European currency, meaning that cost of Mohair have again increased for Italian weavers.

The success of mohair fibers in the last years is partly due to the return of favorable fashion trends.

From rabbit angora to angora goats

Demand has also shifted from rival angora rabbit fibers, after bad treatment of Chinese flock has been denounced.

Whereas angora fibers are sheared from rabbits which can be also plucked, mohair is sheared from angora goats under more ethical conditions.

Although this is impossible to assess global mohair production trends, South Africa could account for more than 50% of total.

The US production which was traditionally located in Texas has apparently dwindle in the last years while the Australian production was rebounding in line with the jump in prices.

Download 8-Year Historical Mohair Prices (.csv file)


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