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EU Clothing Imports in 1st Quarter 2015: Origins Statistical Report

The European clothing imports are being dramatically affected by the fall of the euro with currency value trends having negatively depressed shipments from a series of origins. Latest trends are reflected by our comprehensive review of 1st quarter data per origin, from 2011-15. A large number of statistical tables are published, with volume, value and unit value changes released in both euro and US$ terms. The full table is also available for download.

European Union's clothing imports have been depressed by the sharp fall of the euro and a lack of demand at retail in the last year.

Total clothing imports have declined nearly 4% in volume terms in the first quarter of 2015, from the same period in the last year.

A year earlier, clothing imports had surged 13.7% in volume terms.

A series of low-cost countries have seen a radical change in the level of European orders in a single year.

Fall from China and India

Imports from China for instance fell 6.3% in volume terms in the first quarter, far from the surge of 10.6% observed in the first quarter 2014.

Shipments from Turkey have similarly dropped 8.2% whereas imports from India plunged by 10.9%, including a fall of 28.4% of Indian woven clothing.

By contrast, imports remained flat from Bangladesh, whatever the security concerns in this country, while they even rebounded 10.6% from Morocco, also rising 9% from Cambodia and Vietnam.

Surging Euro prices

Average unit values in euro terms have been boosted by the surge of the US dollar. Annual increase of unit values reached 17.6% in first quarter whereas dropping 3.2% in US$ terms.

Such a fall in the euro may be expected depressing the market for a while, as clothing brands and chains will find it much more difficult to offer lower prices to European consumers.

The largest decline in US$ unit prices was observed in Turkey (-12%) thanks to a dramatic decline of the lira, and also in Morocco (-21.2%).

Bangladesh got market shares

China's share of the EU's clothing import market remains predominant, although slightly declining.

Bangladesh got no less than 22% of the market in volume terms and 17% in value terms.

All other origins did not exceed 4% in volume terms, Turkey (8.4%) and India (6.4%) excepted.

EU Clothing Import Database

More detailed data are now available for key clothing products and categories import database, with import volumes, values and unit values per origin:

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EU Clothing Imports: ORIGINS - Download Historical Data from 1st Quarter 2011-2015


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