US Apparel Imports in US$ and Square Meters - Annual and Quarterly Volume, Value and Unit Value per Origin - % Change and Share

US Apparel Imports in 3rd Quarter 2015: Origins Statistical Report

US imports have more sharply risen in the third quarter in volume terms, with China again resisting, and Vietnam and Bangladesh further emerging. Unit prices have continued slightly declining. Our quarterly report details shipments to U.S. market in third quarter and January-September 2015 per origin, with volume and value changes, market shares, and unit value variations over the last four years. Quarterly, year-to-date and annual data covering the 2011-2015 period are available for download.

US apparel imports continued strongly rising in the third quarter this year, gaining 8.5% in volume terms from the same period a year earlier.

Shipments from foreign countries had increased by 6% in first quarter and 5.3% in second quarter.

China still dominating

China has not retreated in the third quarter, with an annual rise of 9.4% in volume terms, above average growth.

Vietnam has confirmed its status of challenger with a jump of 14% in volume terms and a share of the US import market now reaching 12% in dollar terms.

This is still far behind China's share at 41.3%, however.

Bangladesh is back

Bangladesh has confirmed its return on the US market, with shipments surging 17.9% in volume terms after rising 17.2% in second quarter, from the same periods of 2014.

Over the first nine months of 2015, Bangladeshi shipments have climbed by 13.8% in volume terms, by contrast with a fall of 4.6% in the same period of last year.

Cambodia is also back on the US market, with imports rising 11.9% in volume terms in third quarter, very far from the decline of 2014.

Mexico losing ground

Imports from Mexico have slid 5.8% in volume terms by contrast, whereas shipments from El Salvador and Guatemala have risen 7.8% and 7.4%, respectively.

Thanks to a sharp fall of the lira, imports from Turkey surged 30% in volume terms (but only 12% in value terms), from a very low level, however.

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