Monthly and 10-Year EU Clothing Import Data - China vs Rest of World - Knit Clothing vs Woven Clothing

E.U. Clothing Imports: Latest and Long-Term Trends Monthly Report

EU clothing imports are progressively returning to normal after experiencing a sharp fall in full 2015, over a spectacular decline of the euro in dollar terms. Shipments from foreign countries could eventually rise in volume terms in the coming months. Our report covers monthly EU clothing import data, with historical trends being analyzed over last 15 years, and a specific focus on China vs Rest of World (RoW) and on knit vs woven clothing. Data are supplied in euro and in US dollars.

EU clothing imports have continued declining in December from the same month in the previous year, however falling at a lower pace than experienced in the previous months.

Total shipments in volume terms have dropped 1.6% after losing 11.5% in September, 7% in October and 6.2% in November.

If this trend is confirmed for January an February imports, foreign shipments could soon bottom out on EU clothing market.

In dollar terms, imports have similarly less declined in December, only falling 3.6% after dropping 7.4% in November, from the same month in 2014.

Over the full 2015, imports have respectively declined 4.6% and 8% in volume and dollar terms. In euro terms, they have risen 9.9%, reflecting the fall of the European currency in the last year.

Unit values have lost 2.05% in dollar terms in December, or the strongest decline since last July when they had slid 6.4%.

Both China and the "rest of the world" (RoW) have benefited from the improvement of the market in December.

Imports from China have less dramatically declined, sliding only 10.5% in volume terms vs a fall of 16% in previous month.

Shipments from other nations taken as a whole have risen 4.5%, after only gaining 1.3% in November.

Over full 2015, imports from China have lost 12.5%, whereas shipments from RoW were up 1.3%.

Unit price of Chinese products has declined in US$ terms in December for the first time since July, although very slightly (-0.2%).

Unit value of other origins has dropped 3.7%, after losing 4.2% in November from the same period of 2014.

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