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Sri Lanka Apparel Exports in 2015 Country Report

Sri Lanka has last year suffered from the fall of the European market with sales to the United States however rising. Colombo now hopes getting back its preferential treatment on the European market which would boost its clothing exports. Our statistical tables provide a comprehensive view of latest export trends with export data over 2010-2015 per destination. Detailed EU and US import data per category of products over full 2015 are also available.

Sri Lanka's apparel exports have slightly declined in 2015, mostly due to a sharp drop of the European market.

According to official data, apparel exports have lost 2.7% last year at US$4.55 billion after rising nearly 10% in 2014.

Niche markets

Exports to the European Union have decreased by 12.5% in 2015, whereas shipments to the US market have been up 6%.

According to US official data, apparel imports from Sri Lanka have even surged 17.2% in volume terms in full last year, whereas total imports have only risen 6.1%.

Sri Lanka continues benefiting from its strong position on niche markets, whatever the relatively high level of its production costs.

Average unit price is 34% above average and even 57% above average Chinese price. Although this does not mean that prices are 57% higher in Sri Lanka, it reflects the shift to the higher end of the market.

In US product category 649 (man-made fiber bras), Sri Lanka has for instance 5.9% of the US import market in volume terms but 10% in value terms.

Back to GSP-Plus preferential treatment?

Exports to the European Union could now rebound, especially if the country gets back the GSP-plus regime offering a duty-free access under relaxed rules of origin.

The preferential treatment had been initially granted after the tsunami of 1999, being later withdrawn due to alleged human rights violations by the previous political regime during the civil war.

With the war now over and a new president in charge, Brussels could eventually restore the GSP-plus status, therefore boosting the attractiveness of the island.

US Apparel Imports per Category (csv file)

EU Clothing Imports: Sri Lanka v. China per Category (.csv file)


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