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EU Clothing Imports in 2nd Quarter and 1st Half 2016: Markets Quarterly Report

The U.K. and Spain have been the two main drivers in the rebound of the EU's clothing import market in second quarter this year. Our 5-year data from second quarter 2011 reflect long-term trends of European Union clothing markets, offering a comprehensive review of the European Union imports per destination. Our statistical report provides volume, value and unit value changes released in both euro and US$ terms. The full table is available for download.

The U.K. and Spain have been the two main drivers in the rebound of EU's clothing imports which have gained 10.5% in volume terms in the second quarter this year, from the same period in 2015.

Shipments to the U.K. have surged 17.2% in volume terms in the meantime whereas Spanish imports have even gained 19.1%.

By contrast, German clothing imports from outside the European Union have only risen 4.6% whereas French imports have climbed by a negligible 1.2%.

The U.K. was more than ever the largest market in second quarter, in volume terms, accounting for 23.6% of total shipments.

Germany has remained the largest import market in value terms, with 20.6%, however not far from UK's 18.4%.

France has lost its third position after the Spanish share climbed to 12.8%.

In volume terms, imports by the U.K. have surged 40% in five years whereas shipments to Spain and its apparel chains have even gained 50% before being re-exported to other markets.

Similarly, imports by Netherlands have surged 56%, but partly due to a shift from Hamburg to Rotterdam for products shipped to Germany.

In dollar terms, shipments to the UK have only risen 1% in five years, reflecting the fall of average prices on this market, down 13.6% in the second quarter from a year earlier, and even sliding 28% in five years.

The average price of German imports has only lost 8% in five years, by contrast.

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