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Bangladesh Apparel Exports in 1st Half 2016 Quarterly Report

Apparel exports have continued steadily increasing over the first half from Bangladesh as a slight fall of shipments to the United States was partly offset by a surge of sales to most European markets. Our statistical tables provide a comprehensive view of Bangladesh's clothing exports over the last years, also covering the latest US and EU apparel import data per product category. Volume, value and unit price changes are released with all data available for download.

Apparel exports from Bangladesh continued benefiting from a steady rise in the last months, as the stagnation of the US market was offset by a rebound of the European market.

According to latest official data, total clothing exports have risen 8% in dollar terms in July-August, from the same period a year earlier.

Over the second quarter this year, apparel exports have similarly gained 8.6% in dollar terms.

Double-digit growth

If exports to the US market have fallen 1.45%, shipments to Germany and the U.K. have respectively surged 15.2% and 13.25%.

Exports to Spain and Belgium have increased by 14.6% and 25% respectively, whereas France and Italy have been weaker, still in dollar terms (see below tables).

Germany is now accounting for 16.6% of total clothing exports, not far from the US share at 19.8%.

US buyers prefer Vietnam

The European buyers continue favoring Bangladesh thanks to its low cost and duty-free access whereas US buyers are still focusing on Vietnam as their second largest source after China.

The United States remains attracted by woven apparel from Bangladesh, accounting for 75% of total exports to this market, and 29% of total exports of woven apparel from Bangladesh.

Lack of MMF apparel

More precisely, US imports of cotton trousers from Bangladesh have further surged in the first half this year in categories 347 and 348.

US imports of man-made fiber apparel continue stagnating, whereas shipments of similar products from Vietnam remained very strong over the past years.

By contrast, German buyers are still the largest importers of knit apparel from Bangladesh, accounting for 19.4% vs only 10% for the US market.

No less than 57% of total exports to Germany are knit apparel.

Islamist threat

The successful campaigns for improving security at apparel plants is being threatened by Islamist attacks of the past months with buyers being now reluctant in visiting Bangladesh.

This should have no impact on future trade, exporters have argued, depending on the ability of authorities in fighting extremism.

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Bangladesh apparel exports: monthly and annual data (csv file)

Bangladesh apparel exports per destination: Q2 2016 data (csv file)

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