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India Apparel Exports in 1st Half 2016 Country Report

India's apparel exports have begun falling in dollar terms in the second quarter of 2016, according to latest official data, due to a drop in shipments to the US and the UK markets. The share of man-made fiber clothing is no more rising, in addition. Our report provides a comprehensive view of Indian apparel export data in second quarter 2016 per major destination. US and EU clothing imports from India per product category in second quarter 2016 are also available. Variations have been calculated in volume, value and unit value terms. All data can be easily downloaded.

India's apparel exports are progressively slowing down, although resisting competition from other countries.

Over the second quarter this year, shipments have been stable in rupee terms, whereas falling 5.2% in dollar terms.

This is the first decline in four years. By contrast, clothing exports had risen 14.9% in the same period of 2014 and had still gained 6% in the the second quarter of last year, according to official data.

MMF apparel no more surging

Shipments of man-made fiber apparel have also declined more than 5% in dollar terms in second quarter after surging in the same quarters of 2013 to 2015.

Exports of MMF apparel have however doubled in five years whereas cotton apparel exports were declining by 15% in the meantime.

Decline on US and Dubai markets

The fall of clothing exports in the second quarter is mostly due to a drop on the US market (-2.6%).

Shipments have plunged to the United Arab Emirates (-18.4% in dollar terms) which is the second largest destination of Indian apparel and from where the products are re-exported to other countries.

By contrast, exports have still surged 13.7% to Germany whereas they have risen 5.8% to France.

Average price of Indian products is staying at a relatively high level compared with other competitors, partly due to the higher quality of the products being purchased by US and EU buyers.

End of currency depreciation

Indian exporters have actually been able to lower their prices in dollar terms after the rupee has dropped in the previous years.

The Indian currency is no more sliding against the dollar and has even rebounded compared with the Sterling after the Brexit vote, as many other currencies.

Demand from the UK may be expected falling, as already observed earlier this year.

Shipments to the former colonial power have dropped 6.6% in dollar terms in the second quarter.

Full data (csv file)

Full data (csv file)

Full data (csv file)

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