Textile fiber prices since January 1st: a comprehensive comparison

Textile Fiber Price Comparison: Year-to-date Statistical Report

Cotton is again rising on the international and domestic markets, offering some strong support for polyester use and prices, as a consequence. Fiber prices have eventually rebounded in 2016, after having declined for years. Our year-to-date tables and charts offer an exclusive comparison of fiber prices with 19 products being covered, including cotton, polyester, viscose, wool, spandex, acrylic, nylon prices, all being available over a weekly basis through our csv file.

This is a time when cotton prices do rise.

In New York, the nearby contract has gained 6% in a single week, jumping above the symbolic level of 70 cents, before ending at 73.4 cents by Thursday afternoon.

There are different factors behind the rebound of cotton prices.

On the very short term, India is experiencing a new rise in prices, as sellers prefer waiting for the end of the cash crisis in the country, the so-called "demonetization", before delivering their full production.

In China, speculative funds have boosted commodity markets in such a way than new regulations have been imposed by the end of the week. Cotton futures have surged in the meantime.

In Pakistan, the country is expecting a new year with a cotton deficit and large imports from India.

As a result of higher cotton prices, demand for cheaper polyester will continue also rising and polyester staple fiber prices cannot be expected declining.

Since the start of the year, cotton has gained 17.2% in New York, whereas PSF has climbed 11.6% in China, the leading producer and consumer.

Other fiber prices have also increased this year, including viscose at + 13.9% in China whatever its recent fall from summer peaks.

Spandex, acrylic and nylon have not shared the same upward trend, due to excess capacities in the Chinese industries.

The OPEC may eventually agree over a reduction in its offer, crude oil prices may also rebound, this should not radically affect downward polyester chain prices.

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