Unit Price Comparison by Apparel Import Category: unit price change and index

U.S. Apparel Import Prices in Jan-Sep 2016: China vs. India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Mexico and Honduras

Unit prices of US apparel imports have more sharply falling in China than in other major supplying countries in the first three quarters of 2016, with however sharp differences between product categories, as reflected by our below data. Our series of statistical tables offer a comprehensive comparison of unit values per origin and product category. The report also includes a detailed comparison of Chinese price trends vs other origins, through a series of indexes. Our full table is available for download.

Prices of US apparel imports have declined across the board in the first three quarters this year, from their level in the same period a year earlier.

The overall drop of 3.5% actually reflects a fall of 5.5% of export prices in China, whereas they have less sharply declined in other origins.

The average unit price of cotton apparel categories has lost 3.7% but man-made apparel categories have been down 2.5% in the meantime.

In India however, the average export price of MMF apparel has risen 4.9% by contrast with a fall observed in all other major supplying countries.

In specific categories, unit prices have less sharply retreated in China than in other origins.

In 348 (cotton trousers for women and girls) for instance, the average unit value has declined 10.7% in India and even 13.6% in Indonesia, whereas it has only dropped 3.7% in China.

In 640 (man-made fiber woven shirts for men and boys), the average export price has been down 8.1% in China whereas falling 10.6% in India and 11.4% in Indonesia.

On average, unit prices remain far lower in China than in India, Indonesia or Sri Lanka, being actually higher in most other countries under review, except Pakistan and Honduras.

It does not mean than China is cheaper, but demand is increasingly focusing there on basic products which are produced in large quantities allowing productivity gains and with materials which do not require expensive dying or finishing.

  Unit Values in Jan-Sep 2016: Full-Size Table

  Unit Value Change in Jan-Sep 2016: Full-Size Table

  Unit Value Comparison vs World in Jan-Sep 2016: Full-Size Table

  Unit Value Comparison vs China in Jan-Sep 2016: Full-Size Table

  Value Share in Jan-Sep 2016: Full-Size Table

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