Cotton and Yarn Prices in China, India and Pakistan, in local currency and US$ terms

Cotton Fiber & Yarn Price Comparison: China vs. India and Pakistan Monthly Report

Margins have been restored at Indian spinning mills in November after cotton prices have returned back to lower levels. Spinners' margins have fallen to 2-year lows in China by contrast, after cotton prices have slightly risen. Our monthly report compares cotton fiber and yarn prices in China, India and Pakistan, offering a comprehensive view of the yarn/fiber spreads in the three countries. These gross margins of domestic spinners are displayed on a monthly basis with historical data back to 2007 being available for download.

The sharp fall of cotton prices in November in India has helped restoring margins at spinning mills.

The yarn vs fiber difference had been previously deteriorated by a sudden increase of cotton fiber prices before the new crop had started reaching local markets.

Lower cotton prices in India

With average cotton price for benchmark Shankar-6 being down 6% in the past month, spinners have seen their material costs returning back to more usual levels.

Cotton yarn prices have risen 0.6%, if considering 30s carded in Punjab, meaning that yarn producers have resisted any new fall in their prices.

A rebound of exports to China and other destinations may have helped Indian spinners in maintaining their offers unchanged.

In the meantime by contrast, margins have fallen at spinning mills in China, as cotton fiber prices were rising 2.3% over a lower level in cotton arrivals from the new crop than in the same period of past years.

Chinese margins back to low levels

Cotton yarn prices have gained 1.6% in the meantime, with margins only slightly declining as a result.

At 45% in November, the margin ratio has however fallen to historically low levels which had not been seen since July 2014.

Chinese spinners are again confronted with a lack of competitiveness on the domestic and the foreign markets in addition, and they could have to accept lower margins in the future.

In Pakistan, margins have stayed at relatively low levels by historical standards, however staying large compared with India and China.

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