Turkey's clothing export data per destination

Turkey's Clothing Exports in 2016: Destinations and Product Categories Country Report

Turkish apparel exports have stabilized in 2016 in dollar terms, after experiencing a clear decline in the previous year. Exports to Germany have stopped falling whereas shipments to Spain have even risen. T-shirt exports have also plateaued with sales of woven clothing being up in the last year. Our comprehensive statistical report covers Turkey's clothing exports per destination and product category over the last three years, in US$, euro and Turkish lira terms.

Turkey's clothing exports have relatively recovered in 2016.

After falling 8.7% in dollar terms in 2015, exports have been stable in the past year.

In lira terms, shipments to other nations have surged 14% and 10% in 2015 and 2016, respectively.

The dramatic fall of the lira has helped supporting sales to other markets whereas a stable euro has also limited the decline of Turkey's market shares in the eurozone.

After plunging by nearly 20% in 2015 in dollar terms, exports to Germany have stabilized in 2016, for instance.

By contrast, exports to the U.K. have continued dropping with the fall of the Sterling forcing buyers to look for cheaper sources.

By contrast, shipments to Spain have risen 4% in dollar terms in the last year, after a gain of 2.4% in 2015.

The first three markets of Turkish exporters account for about 43% of total shipments whereas others have a more negligible share of exports.

Shipments to Poland have however surged 26% in dollar terms in 2016 whereas sales to Iran were rocketing from low levels.

Iraq has been a depressed destination in the last year for Turkish exporters trying to diversify their portfolio of customers out of the EU.

Turkish exporters have got slightly better results with woven clothing than with knit clothing in the last year.

Sales of T-shirts have much less dropped in dollar terms, whereas pullover exports have even bottomed out.

Key woven apparel categories 6203 and 6204 have both returned to positive territory in dollar terms, which is a very good sign for the always resilient Turkish apparel industry.

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