Nylon filament and chips, caprolactam, benzene and adipic acid

Nylon/Polyamide and Caprolactam Market Prices in China Monthly Report

Nylon 6 prices are further surging in Asia, being boosted by higher material costs. Benzene and caprolactam prices have also sharply increased in the past three months, in line with tight supply and strong demand. Our monthly report covers the latest trends of nylon 6 (polyamide 6) prices, also offering a detailed view of the nylon chain prices, including benzene, caprolactam, staple fibers and filament yarns. The nylon/CPL spread is also calculated for assessing gross margin trends for polyamide producers. Daily prices of the past 12 months are available for download.

Nylon 6 prices have continued surging from historic low levels in the past four weeks with demand recovering after Chinese new year holidays.

Benchmark DTY 70D/24f has reached 26,100 yuan per metric ton this week in China, up 7% from a month earlier and having surged 43% in only three months.

Other nylon products have also risen in the past weeks, with Nylon 6 POY 85D/24f gaining 3% and FDY 70D/24f surging 6.5% in only four weeks (+46% in three months).

Such a dramatic increase in prices is not as impressive if considering our 10-year historical chart below.

Nylon 6 prices had sharply fallen in 2012-2014 in line with an overall drop of commodity markets, before they started rebounding in the second part of last year.

Demand for nylon 6 is however relatively depressed at these price levels, as processors find it difficult to pass such a jump in their costs on to their customers, not surprisingly.

Nylon prices are actually boosted by sharply higher material costs after caprolactam prices have further risen 10% in the last four weeks in China and even 14.5% on the international market in the Far East.

Although demand for caprolactam is far from surging, CPL producers are also confronted with a jump in their material costs, due to a sharp increase of benzene prices on the global market.

The caprolactam prices are also supported by tight supply, as a few plants are being shut down currently in Europe and the United States.

On the other hand, new capacities will come on stream in 2017 in China, after no less than 800,000 MT have already been added in the last year.

New capacities will also appear on the benzene market in Asia, especially in Japan and South Korea, but also in India and Vietnam.

However, demand for benzene is currently rising and the higher production levels should be digested by the market.

In addition to caprolactam, benzene is needed in production of phenol, acetone, styrene monomer and MDI.

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Nylon & Caprolactam Price Database

Historical and daily updated data are available in our database about the Nylon & Caprolactam Market Prices (Daily & Monthly Data)

Price Database: Daily nylon 6 and CPL Data

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Download Daily Data of Last 12 Months (.csv file)

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