Textile Fiber Price Comparison in the Year to Date

Textile Fiber Price Comparison in the Year to Date Statistical Report

Textile fiber prices have continued rising in the first weeks of 2017 with however first signs emerging of a potential decline later this year. Polyester prices have for instance started plunging in the last days in China. Our 2017 tables and charts offer an exclusive comparison of fiber prices with 19 products being covered, including cotton, polyester, viscose, wool, spandex, acrylic, nylon prices, all being available over a weekly basis through our csv file.

The textile fiber prices have continued rising in the first weeks of 2017, before giving signs they could weaken in the coming period.

Polyester chain

In China for instance, the polyester fiber prices have begun sliding in the last days, eventually losing 3.8% from their level at the start of the new year.

Polyester filament prices are following the same downward trend over a lack of demand from processors and a fall of material costs.

Glycol prices have fallen more than 10% from their peaks of the end of 2016, before slightly rising in the last days.

PTA prices have begun dropping at the end of February after rising 9% from the start of the year.

Crude oil prices have eventually plunged in the past week with the New York benchmark indicator falling below $50 per barrel.

This could further depress the polyester chain prices, after naphtha and MX prices have also sharply declined.

Cotton market

On the cotton market, New York continues rising this year so far, with a jump of 11% by March 6th, before the nearby contract has retreated to slightly lower levels.

In India, the benchmark Shankar 6 has gained 10% by March 6th in dollar terms and is still up 9% this week.

In Pakistan, the spot indicator has risen 9% in dollar terms so far.

In China by contrast, cotton prices have failed to further increase in anticipation of sales from state reserves due to resume on March 6th.

Any consecutive fall in Chinese cotton prices could result in a similar decline of Chinese demand for foreign yarns and depress cotton and yarn prices elsewhere.

On the other hand, the so-called demonetization process has harmed the India's yarn industry, reducing production after companies have shut down.

Cotton yarn prices are therefore rising in India.

Other man-made fibers

Nylon prices have surged 14% in China before they have begun dropping in the last days. Acrylic has even gained 16% without any clear sign prices could now return to lower levels.

Viscose has remained very firm, with VSF prices being up 6% over lower production levels in China.

Fiber Price Database

More data are available in our Price Database (daily and historical series):

Fiber and Filament Prices

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