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Cambodia Apparel Exports in Full 2016 Country Report

Cambodia's apparel exports have continued slowing down in the full year 2016, with sales to the US and the UK markets even plunging. Exports to Japan and France have however again surged. Our statistical tables offer a comprehensive view of Cambodia's apparel exports over the last 10 years overall, and over the last 5 years per destination. EU and US import data per category of products are also available, with percentage changes being calculated in volume and value terms. Unit prices are available for a large number of product categories. All data can be downloaded.

Cambodia's apparel exports have continued slowing down in full 2016, mostly due to the fall of sales to US and UK markets.

Total shipments have only risen 1.4% in the past year, after being up 16.3% in 2014 and 7% in 2015.

Exports have however surged 182% in US$ terms in 2016, from their levels ten years earlier.

Shipments to the US market have dropped 13.9% in 2016, whereas falling 22.6% to the UK.

After shipments have surged 27% to Japan, it has become the second largest destination of Cambodian exports, with the US market still accounting for 23% of total exports.

Sales to France have surged 38%, gaining 400% in ten years.

On the US market, Cambodian exporters have continued struggling, with a fall of 14% in volume terms, by contrast with an overall decline of only 1%.

The market share of Cambodia has dropped to only 3.3% in 2016, confirming the shift of apparel exporters from US to EU markets in the past years.

This is explained by generous rules of origin offered by the European Union under its GSP regime.

Cambodia is eligible for a duty-free access to the EU, being considered amid the poorest countries of the planet, the LDCs (least developed countries).

However, the World Bank has upgraded Cambodia in the last year, from "low income" to "lower middle income" meaning that the country could lose its LDC tag.

The European Union would then offer a three-year transition period before removing Cambodia from the list of countries having a duty-free access.

Of course, the Kingdom would still retain a GSP status with a reduced import tariff.

The Brexit could also negatively affect the Cambodian exports, if London does not keep in the future the same generous approach still currently offered by Brussels.

The rise of wages in the country could more clearly threaten Cambodian apparel exports actually, with rival Asian countries however confronted with the same competitive issues.

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