Polyester Fiber and Yarn Prices in China, India and Pakistan, in local currency and US$ terms

Polyester Fiber & Yarn Price Comparison: China vs. India and Pakistan Statistical Report

Polyester fiber and spun yarn prices have jumped in September in China. Gross margins of spinners have risen in China and also in India, whereas stagnating in Pakistan. Our monthly report compares polyester staple fiber and polyester spun yarn prices in China, India and Pakistan, in both local currency terms and US$ terms. Gross margins of spinners are also calculated on a monthly basis. Historical data back to 2007 are available for download.

Polyester prices have surged in the last month in China before stabilizing at their higher level.

The 1.4D PSF has gained 8% in China, if considering the average price in September.

This benchmark indicator for polyester staple fibers has therefore reached a 1-year high.

Polyester spun prices have followed the same upward trend with Chinese spinners being able to raise their prices by 6.9% in yuan terms.

Their gross margin has even risen 4.5% as a clear sign that a stronger seasonal demand from downward processors has driven the jump of fiber and yarn prices.

PSF prices have much more moderatelry increased in India and Pakistan due to larger availability of domestic fibers.

Spun polyester prices have slightly risen in India, however being stagnant in Pakistan.

Margins have increased in India, no more moving in Pakistan.

Any fall of cotton fiber and yarn prices could now depress the polyester market, in line with a lower price difference between the two major fibers.

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