Cotton and Yarn Prices in China, India and Pakistan, in local currency and US$ terms

Cotton Fiber & Yarn Price Comparison: China vs. India and Pakistan Monthly Report

Cotton fiber and yarn prices have moved in opposite directions in China, India and Pakistan in November, with gross margins of spinners staying in line with their long-term trends. Our monthly report compares cotton fiber and yarn prices in China, India and Pakistan, offering a comprehensive view of the yarn/fiber spreads in the three countries. These gross margins of domestic spinners are displayed on a monthly basis with 10-year historical data available for download.

Cotton prices have differently behaved in China, India and Pakistan, in November, with cotton yarn prices following the same trends, as a result.

Cotton prices have once again remained unchanged in China, where official sales from state reserves have previously helped in stabilizing the market, in line with a low level in import limits.

In India by contrast, cotton prices have further dropped in November for the third consecutive month, if considering the average level during the month.

Prices are now recovering in India, however, and the price indicator is back to the average level of October, at 38,000 rupees per candy.

In November, cotton prices have continued rebounding in Pakistan, as the market was anticipating a new cotton deficit this season.

The price indicator has gained 7.7% in three months, with its average level at 6,486 rupees per maund.

Prices have further risen in the last week in Pakistan and the cotton indicator is now reaching 6,600 rupees.

Cotton yarn prices have been stable in China, whereas losing only 1.5% in November in India and only rising 1.4% in Pakistan, as a clear sign that spinners are finding it difficult to pass any change in fiber prices.

Gross margins have slightly dropped in China, whereas being stable in India and falling 3% in Pakistan.

The market was expecting a fall of cotton prices, and waiting for lower cotton yarn prices.

The surge of cotton futures in the past two weeks in New York could now change anticipations and demand could rebound, as cotton prices are no more expected falling in the near future.

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