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US/EU Clothing Imports from Mauritius (Country Report)

22 September 2009 - Mauritian clothing exports partly resisted the economic crisis last winter thanks to a series of specific advantages, including the ability to compete on the European fast fashion market. Sales to the US market also rebounded after Mauritius was granted generous duty-free rules of origin. Full Report...

US Apparel Imports under AGOA Dramatically Fell in May (Statistical Report)

31 July 2009 - US apparel imports from sub-Saharan Africa began dramatically declining in May. Whatever the duty-free access offered by the United States, competition is surging from China while the economic recession is further depressing orders. African prices did not significantly decline this year, in addition. Full Report...

More Asian Fabrics in U.S. Duty-Free Apparel Imports

8 October 2008 - A new bill was passed by the US Congress in the last week extending for one additional year the duty free access offered to apparel from Colombia and Peru. The Dominican Republic also got the right to use Asian fabrics in duty-free apparel exports to the United States. In addition, Asian denim is again accepted in duty-free apparel imports from Sub-saharan Africa while Mauritius, Botswana and Namibia are now allowed using Asian fabrics under the "third-country fabric" provision. Full Report...

EU Introducing Single Transformation Rule of Origin

21 November 2007 - New textile rules of origin are envisaged for EU's imports from former colonies in Africa and elsewhere. The new trade agreements which are being negotiated with regional groupings may significantly relax European rules with double transformation being replaced by single transformation requirement, possibly boosting African imports of Chinese fabrics and limiting textile investment on the continent. Full Report...


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