Unit Price Comparison by Apparel Import Category: price, change and indexes

U.S. Apparel Import Prices in 1st Half 2013: China vs. India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Mexico and Honduras

Unit prices continued strongly falling on US apparel import market, in first half, but only for specific categories and origins. Most prices stayed relatively unchanged, reflecting current limits of apparel deflation. A large number of specific cases may however be observed depending on countries and categories. This is reflected by our series of statistical tables offering a comprehensive comparison of unit values per origin and category, with world and China benchmark indexes.

Unit prices less declined in first half this year on US apparel import market.

China was the most successful in cutting prices with a decrease of 3.6% on average, from the same period of 2012.

This is however hiding a sharp drop of 6.2% in first quarter followed by a fall of only 1.2% in second quarter.

India significantly cut its US$ prices in first half with average unit value of shipments reaching the United States being down 2%.

Other suppliers were no more able to lower overall unit prices.

Depending on categories, however, sharp declines were still obtained.

In cotton knit shirt category 338 (men/boys) for example, prices fell 10.8% for Chinese shipments, while Vietnamese unit prices were down 9% from the same period in 2012.

The men/boys cotton trouser category 347 also experienced a strong fall in unit prices, especially from China (-7.5%), Indonesia (-7.6%), Bangladesh (-7.9%) or India (-4.3%).

China continued offering a double-digit fall in men/boys man-made fiber trouser category 647 (-17.3%). Rival Vietnam also strongly cut prices (-12.8%).

The women/girls MMF sweater category 646 also experienced a sharp fall in prices of shipments from China and Vietnam.

  Unit Values in 1st Half 2013: Full-Size Table

  Unit Value Change in 1st Half 2013: Full-Size Table

  World Average Comparison in 1st Half 2013: Full-Size Table

  China Average Comparison in 1st Half 2013: Full-Size Table

  Value Market Shares in 1st Half 2013: Full-Size Table

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