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China Apparel Exports in 2015: Markets Country Report

China's apparel exports have declined for the first time in 2015, reflecting a sharp drop on a series of key markets whereas shipments have continued rising to other destinations. Our report provides a comprehensive view of China's apparel export data in full 2015, per major destination and per HS-2 category of products (knit and woven clothing). Variations have been calculated in volume, value and unit price terms. All data can be easily downloaded through our csv files.

China's apparel exports have declined in 2015 for the first time in a large number of years.

In US$ terms, total shipments have retreated from US$173.5 billion down to US$160.5 billion, a drop of 7.5%.

In 2014, knit apparel exports had declined 4.9%, but woven apparel exports had risen 19.1%, with total shipments being up 5.1.

Even lower than in 2013

In the last year, knit and woven clothing exports have respectively lost 10.1% and 4.6%.

China's apparel exports have also declined, compared with their level two years ago.

Although December exports have sharply rebounded, the current trend is not expected to be rapidly reversed.

Compared with their level ten years ago, apparel exports have however surged 144% in 2015 and China remains by far the leading origin for clothing buyers.

U.S. and U.K. still believes in China

The overall decline actually hides sharp differences depending on destinations.

If exports to the United States have remained strong (+ 7.1% in US$ terms), shipments to Japan have heavily fallen (-12.4%).

A double-digit surge is reported on both U.A.E. and Korean markets, whereas Europe is divided between the U.K. still developing imports from China and the continent, obviously shifting to other sources.

Exports to Germany have plunged by 16.2%, in line with the decline in shipments to France, down 16.8%, or to the Netherlands (-30.3%).

The Russian market has drowned, unsurprisingly, with a fall of 33.2% in dollar terms.

Unit price comparison

Unit prices have slightly declined overall, with a drop of 0.8% at US$2.98 per kilo.

Average price of shipments to the U.K. has nearly declined 10%, whereas prices of products sent to Germany have gained 2.1%.

Prices have also sharply declined on the French market, without dramatically curbing the decrease in volume terms, of still 8.9%.

Unit prices of Chinese products are lower for Dubai, the USA or the UK, whereas much higher for Germany or France,as reflected by our below price comparison tables.

Full data (csv file)

Full data (csv file)

Full data (csv file)

Full data (csv file)


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