Cashmere Fiber and Yarn Export Prices - Domestic prices in Bohai

Cashmere Fiber and Yarn Prices in China Quarterly Report

Cashmere prices have further fallen in the first quarter 2016 in China, with yarn prices however less sharply declining. Our below report offers an overall picture of short-term and long-term trends of cashmere prices with latest export prices for Chinese fibers and yarns (woolen and worsted). Domestic fiber and yarn prices on China's Bohai market are also released on a monthly basis. Historical data covering the last five years are available for download.

Cashmere prices have continued declining over the first quarter this year in China.

At $64 per kilo, average export price in March has reached a very low level, compared with prices of the last years.

On the Bohai market, prices have fallen to 378 yuan per metric ton in April, unchanged from March but down 10% in six months and even 22% in one year.

Yarn price are more resisting

Cashmere yarn prices are also dropping, as a consequence, although less dramatically. Average export price of worsted yarns has decreased 6.8% in March from a year earlier, after having actually recovered in the first quarter.

Woolen yarn prices have fallen 14% in March from a year earlier, actually remaining at a low level in first quarter.

Our 12-month average prices confirm the difference in trends with fiber prices more sharply dropping than yarn prices.

Larger exports

Fiber prices have fallen 19.4% in one year from March 2015, whereas yarn prices were only losing 10-11%.

Export volumes have surged in the last 12 months, with shipments of fibers being up 86% in March from a year earlier. Over the first quarter, exports have risen 18% in volume terms.

This is a sign that the average quality level is declining, in line with a development of sales of cashmere sweaters at retail.

Replacing wool

Cashmere is also increasingly mixed with wool which remains relatively expensive due to tighter supply in Australia.

Although cashmere is still far more expensive than wool, it offers the opportunity to sell higher-priced products with larger margins.

Download China cashmere export data (.csv file)

Download China Bohai cashmere prices (.csv file)


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