Cotton and Polyester Prices in China, India and Pakistan, in local currency and US$ terms

Cotton and Polyester Price Comparison: China, India and Pakistan Monthly Report

Cotton prices have continued rising in August, if considering average prices compared with the previous month, whereas polyester was staying stable. Our monthly report delivers a comparative view of the average cotton and polyester prices in China, India and Pakistan, including the latest and historical trends of cotton/polyester price difference. Our charts cover the past 5-year period. Full historical data covering the past eight years are available for download.

Cotton prices have continued climbing on average in August, if compared with average July prices, actually hiding a rise at the start of the month, rapidly followed by a decline in China and India, with Pakistan still resisting any drop of market prices.

In China, the cotton indicator has eventually gained 2.5%, whereas it was rising 0.9% only in India and surging 8% in Pakistan.

Over the 3-month period, China and Pakistan rose 17% and 18% respectively whereas India even jumped by 31%.

Cotton prices have now dropped for weeks in China, day after day, with India eventually following the same downward trend and Pakistan now offering signs of a similar weakness.

With cotton crops due to reach local markets in September and October, prices could tumble and return to their levels of the first part of the year.

By contrast, polyester has remained very stable in August, reflecting the lack of volatility observed in the past months.

The price difference between cotton and polyester has therefore increased in August, keeping in mind that average data are actually hiding the current move toward a lower spread.

Cotton use could therefore be boosted at spinning mills, especially when the new crop will be available.

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