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U.S. Apparel Imports: Latest and Long-Term Trends Monthly Report

US apparel imports have eventually recovered in November, growing for the first time in six months. The rise of the US dollar has helped lowering dollar prices in addition to a structural shift from cotton to man-made fiber apparel. Our monthly review covers US apparel import data, with historical trends being analyzed over the 2000-2016 period including cotton vs man-made fiber apparel, and China vs Rest of World (RoW) and vs Vietnam.

US apparel imports have eventually bottomed out in November, after declining from June to September and staying flat in October.

Shipments from other countries have risen 3.3% in volume terms in November from the same month a year earlier.

Over the first 11 months of 2016, imports have only declined 1%, after rising 6.2% in the same period of 2015.

Unit prices have continued sharply declining in November, with the average unit value being down 6.4% from a year earlier.

This could be partly due to a rebound of the US dollar having allowed to lower unit prices in American currency terms.

The continuous shift from cotton to man-made fiber apparel is also resulting in lower average prices.

Cotton apparel prices have however more sharply declined in November from the same month in 2015, compared with man-made fiber apparel.

China has not benefited from the rebound of US apparel imports, with its shipments stagnating at US borders, in volume terms.

Shipments from other nations have risen 5.6% after declining in the two precedent months.

Imports from Vietnam has still jumped 8.2%, however rising at a lower pace than in October.

Over the 11-month period, imports from China have lost 2% whereas Vietnamese shipments were rising 6.7%.

Apparel Import Database

More detailed data are available for key cotton and man-made fiber categories in our apparel import database, with import volumes, values and unit values per origin:

U.S. Cotton Apparel Imports

U.S. Man-Made Fiber Apparel Imports

U.S. Knit Apparel Imports

U.S. Woven Apparel Imports

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