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EU's clothing imports have continued rebounding in November, even experiencing a double-digit rise from a year earlier. Imports from Bangladesh have surged, whereas Chinese shipments were less sharply climbing. Our report covers monthly EU clothing import data, with historical trends being analyzed, and a specific focus on China vs Rest of World (RoW) and Bangladesh, and on knit vs woven clothing. Data are supplied in euro and in US dollars with historical data available for download, back to January 2000.

EU's clothing imports have continued recovering in November last year, according to just updated official data.

In volume terms, shipments from other nations have jumped by 11.1%. Such a double-digit increase had already been reported in April, May and August.

Over the first eleven months of 2016, imports have gained 5.3%, against a fall of nearly 5% in the same period of 2015.

In dollar terms, imports have increased by 6% in November from a year earlier, reflecting a fall of 4.7% in unit prices.

Our 12-month trends confirm the recovery of the European market, with imports rising 4.75% from November 2015 to November 2016 from the same annual period a year earlier.

They were still falling 3.9% in November 2016, by contrast.

The 12-month data are now flat in US dollar terms, vs a fall of 7.3% a year earlier.

The decline of prices is obviously behind the rebound of the market.

Unit prices have dropped 5% in the January-November period of 2016, against a surge of 15.8% in the same period of 2015.

The decline of the euro in 2015 had resulted in higher prices in euro terms. The stabilization of the currency in 2016 has helped boosting demand.

The dramatic decline of the Sterling since the Brexit vote in June may now depress UK's clothing imports, nevertheless.

China has less benefited from the recovery until now, with its shipments only rising 7.1% in volume terms in November, vs 13.7% for the rest of the world, including a surge of 23.4% for Bangladeshi products.

Over the 11-month period, China is flat vs a rise of 11.4% for Bangladesh, in volume terms.

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