Monthly prices over a 7-year period

Goose and Duck Down Prices in China Quarterly Report

Down prices are currently resisting any decline in China, being probably supported by an early and cold winter, whereas consumer demand will be less dependent on temperatures over the long-term. Price volatility has been very strong in the last years on the goose and duck down markets, as reflected by our monthly and historical data back to 7 years ago. Benchmark goose and duck down prices are available for standard GB-T14272-2011 with tables and charts offering a clear view of latest trends in China. This report is not available for registered users.

Down prices have remained very firm in the past three months in China, as a colder weather in the winter season was supporting sales.

Average price of 90% white goose down has stayed unchanged at 414 yuan per kilo, whereas 90% white duck price was even climbing from a low at 178 yuan per kilo in September up to 243 yuan in January.

Down prices have declined in 2015 and the first months of 2016 before bottoming out in April-May.

Early winter this season should boost sales of winter jackets and other products filled with goose and duck down.

90% white goose down had reached a peak in May 2013 above 1,000 yuan per kilo before plummeting to a long-term low at 342 yuan in April last year.

90% white duck has been less volatile, however falling from 603 yuan in April 2013 to 171 yuan in April 2016.

Although temperatures are expected rising over the long term on average, which should limit the use of goose and duck down in theory, consumer demand should continue rapidly expanding in the coming years, especially in the Far East.

The duck market could more rapidly rise in volume terms whereas the goose down market would be more dynamic in value terms.

The production of ducks is mostly supported by new food habits in Asia, with demand for ducks expanding outside China where it is of course a traditional meal.

For brands like Moncler or Canada Goose however, the image of down needs to be protected.

Campaigns to denounce the the production process have triggered a need for improving the traceability in the supply chain.

China is also developing conformity tests under globally accepted product standards.

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