Silk Yarn and Cocoon Prices in China

Silk Prices in China Quarterly Report

Silk prices have clearly rebounded in 2016, returning to their highest level of the last five years. Demand for silk remains strong from export markets, with sales of silk apparel however plummeting to foreign nations. Our quarterly report provides monthly average prices over the last five years for silk and cocoon on the domestic market, with in-depth analysis of latest and long-term trends. Export data are also now released for raw silk, silk yarns and silk apparel, including average export prices over the last 12 months. Most data are available for download.

Silk prices have clearly recovered in the second part of last year in China, before stabilizing at their higher level.

Benchmark indicator for 3A raw silk has risen from 340,000 yuan per metric ton in July up to 380,000 yuan in January.

Silk prices have actually gained about 30% in a year.

In the meantime, dried cocoon prices have surged 35% in yuan terms, with the margin of yarn sellers actually rising 22% in 2016, however.

If considering the past five years, silk prices are back to their peak of January 2013 before they have progressively fallen until the end of 2015.

Customers may have decided that silk prices had excessively declined, whereas their inventories had dropped to very low levels, and they have anticipated a rebound in prices.

The decision to cover their needs over a longer period of time has actually boosted prices to higher levels.

On export markets, demand remains strong from India and the European Union.

Average export prices have rebounded in 2016, rising from 43.66$ per kilo in January up to 49.59$ in November, before retreating back to 48.59$ in December.

Our 12-month average data confirm the long-term rebound of silk prices in 2016.

The domestic market is relatively weaker, as silk apparel exports continue struggling.

In the first half last year, they have dropped 15% in dollar terms, with shipments falling to the U.S. market, but also to Germany, France, Spain and Italy, as a clear sign of the weakness of the luxury sector.

Exports to Saudi Arabia have however surged 60% from a year earlier (see our last table below).

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