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EU Clothing Imports in 4th Quarter and Full 2016: Categories Quarterly Report

EU clothing imports have recovered in full 2016, with sharp differences amid product categories. Unit prices have similarly moved very differently, depending on HS 4-digit categories. Over the last five years, unit values have risen in euro terms whereas sharply falling in dollar terms, as reflected by our report. Statistical tables are published with volume, value and unit value changes in euro and US$ terms, covering 61 and 62 HS chapters (knit and woven clothing). The full table is also available for download with historical data from third quarter 2011.

EU clothing imports have rebounded in the last year, thanks to a stabilization of the euro and also due to a fall of unit prices in U$ terms.

The strength of the recovery has however be very different depending on product categories.

Imports of coats have for instance surged more than 10% in volume terms. Imports of woven shirts for women and girls have also sharply risen in HS category 6206.

By contrast, shipments from outside the European Union have continued decreasing in categories 6205 (men/boys woven shirts) or 6207 and 6208 (woven underwear).

If pullover imports have risen 6.5% vs a fall of 6.8% in 2015, imports of t-shirts have only gained 3.34% after dropping 4.4% in the prior year.

Over the last five years, imports have surged in volume terms in a few categories like 6101 (men/boys knit overcoats) or 6104 (men/boys knit suits and trousers) or 6206 (women/girls woven shirts)

They have been unchanged in other categories like pullovers (+1% in five years), even dropping 9% in 6205 (men/boys woven shirts).

Reflecting the fall of the euro over the 5-year period, unit prices have risen in most categories in euro terms, whereas falling 1% to 30% in US$ terms, depending on product categories.

EU Clothing Import Database

More detailed data are now available for key clothing products and categories import database, with import volumes, values and unit values per origin:

E.U. Imports: Knit Clothing Categories

E.U. Imports: Woven Clothing Categories

E.U. Imports: Knit Clothing Products

E.U. Imports: Woven Clothing Products

EU Clothing Imports in 4th Quarter 2011-16: Categories - Download our .csv file

EU Clothing Imports in 2011-16: Categories - Download our .csv file


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