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Indonesia Apparel Exports in Full 2016 Country Report

Apparel exports from Indonesia have again slightly dropped in the last year. The low-cost country suffers from a sharp increase of its wages in the past years, whereas however benefiting of its ability to produce and sell man-made fiber apparel. Our statistical series provide a comprehensive picture of Indonesia's textile and clothing exports and imports, per month and year, with an exhaustive review of US and EU imports per product category.

Apparel exports from Indonesia have further declined in value terms in 2016, even dropping for the first time in years in volume terms, as a clear sign of current issues of the domestic clothing industry.

With wages having been raised in the last years as part of the political liberalization, Indonesia finds it difficult to compete on the global apparel market.

In full last year as a result, apparel exports have lost 2.6% and 3.7% in volume and dollar terms respectively.

Sales to the US and the EU markets had been boosted in the past by a sharp fall of the rupiah.

In 2016 however, the Indonesian currency has slightly risen against the dollar, as the economy was progressively recovering thanks to courageous reforms enacted by the new government.

The recession of the US apparel import market may explain the fall of Indonesian exports in the last year, as the country is very dependent on sales to the United States.

US apparel imports from Indonesia may have slightly decreased in full 2016, their market share has improved however, as they were less negatively affected than shipments from other countries.

Indonesia remains the fourth largest supplier of the US market, after China, Vietnam and Bangladesh.

The low-cost country actually benefits from its ability to produce and sell man-made fiber apparel which are gaining ground year after year on the US market.

MMF apparel have accounted for 46.6% of total shipments from Indonesia in 2016, against 40.3% only for total US imports of MMF apparel.

For instance, Indonesia has 7% of US imports of MMF woven shirts for men and boys in category 640.

Exports to the European market remained relatively negligible in the past year, accounting for only 1.3% of total EU clothing imports in volume terms.

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