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EU Clothing Imports in 1st Quarter 2017: Origins Statistical Report

EU clothing imports have stagnated in the first quarter, with China losing market shares once again, and India doing well by contrast. Shipments from Bangladesh and Cambodia have stopped surging whereas Myanmar has continued sharply increasing, as reflected by our comprehensive review covering the 1st quarter 2017 per origin. A large number of statistical tables are released, with volume, value and unit value changes in both euro and US$ terms. The 1st quarter tables are also available for download from 2012-2017.

EU clothing imports have stagnated in the first quarter this year, from the same period in 2016.

China's market share has further dropped, as shipments were falling 5% in volume terms and 4% in dollar terms.

The Chinese share has declined to only 34% in volume terms and to 31.6% in value terms.

Bangladesh is not very far behind, at 25% and 20%, in volume and value terms, respectively.

Imports from Bangladesh have however not been as strong as usual in the first quarter, only rising 1% and 5.2% in volume and dollar terms, respectively.

By contrast, shipments had gained 8% in the same period last year, from the first quarter 2015.

This could be due to the jump of 4% in unit prices of Bangladeshi products in euro terms, only rising 0.6% in dollar terms, however.

At the other side of the price range, Turkey has also lost market shares in the first quarter whereas India has done very well by contrast.

Imports from Cambodia have stopped surging, being flat in the first quarter, whereas shipments from Myanmar have continued sharply increasing.

The volume share of the impoverished country has climbed above 1% of the market. Myanmar is not so far from a falling Sri Lanka, down 37% in volume terms but only losing 5.4% in dollar terms after its unit prices have soared from a year earlier.

EU Clothing Import Database

More detailed data are now available for key clothing products and categories import database, with import volumes, values and unit values per origin:

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