Cashmere Fiber and Yarn Export Prices - Domestic prices in Bohai

Cashmere Fiber and Yarn Prices in China Quarterly Report

Cashmere prices continued being weak in the first months of the year, before stabilizing and even slightly rising in Mongolia and China, in July. Our below report offers an overall picture of short-term and long-term trends of cashmere prices with latest export prices for Chinese fibers and yarns (woolen and worsted). Domestic fiber and yarn prices on China's Bohai market are also released on a monthly basis. Historical data covering the last five years are available for download.

Cashmere prices have recovered in May in China, if considering export prices.

Dehaired fiber prices have risen 5% from their average level in April, however down 3% from their level a year earlier.

Long-term data continue indicating a downward trend, over a rise in available quantities and a fall in quality of cashmere fibers.

Average price level in the 12 months to May 2017 have declined to $63.8 per kilo, down 11% from the same 1-year average price a year earlier.

In only 2 years, this deseasonalized indicator has lost 32.2%.

In Mongolia, cashmere prices have fallen in the first months of the year, before stabilizing in June and even slightly rising in July.

This trend is confirmed by the Bohai market in China, where prices have risen 6% by early July, from the same period a month earlier.

Cashmere exports have continued rising from China in volume terms,in the 12 months to May 2017.

Worsted and woolen cashmere yarn prices have also declined in the past 12 months, with prices more sharply dropping than fiber prices in the long run.

Download China cashmere export data (.csv file)

Download China Bohai cashmere prices (.csv file)


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