US Apparel Imports in US$ and Square Meters - Quarterly Volume, Value and Unit Value per Category - % Change and Share

US Apparel Imports in 2nd Quarter and 1st Half 2017: Categories Statistical Report

US imports of man-made fiber apparel have more strongly risen in the second quarter of the year, thanks to a larger fall of unit prices whereas shipments cotton apparel have continued declining over a smaller decline of unit prices, as reflected by our detailed analysis of US apparel imports per category. Our series of statistical tables offer a comprehensive view of volume, value and unit value changes, compared with previous quarters and years in 2011-17. Full data are available for downloading into a comprehensive table.

US apparel imports have slightly risen in the second quarter in volume terms, thanks to a sharp increase of man-made fiber apparel imports, whereas shipments of cotton apparel were falling, once again.

The structural shift from cotton to man-made fiber apparel is being accelerated by the relatively high level of cotton prices.

Cotton apparel are made of 50% or more of cotton fibers, whereas man-made fiber apparel include 50% or more of synthetic fibers(like polyester) or artificial fibers (like viscose).

Unit prices of man-made fiber apparel are more clearly falling, in addition, offering a stronger support to US demand.

Overall results actually hide sharp differences depending on categories with imports plunging in a few cotton categories and surging in specific man-made fiber categories.

A sharp fall may also be observed in certain MMF apparel categories, however.

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