Cotton and Polyester Prices in China, India and Pakistan, in local currency and US$ terms

Cotton and Polyester Price Comparison: China, India and Pakistan Monthly Report

Cotton prices have stayed unchanged in September in China whereas falling in India and Pakistan. Polyester prices have surged in the meantime in China, reducing its PSF price advantage. Our monthly report delivers a comparative view of the average cotton and polyester prices in China, India and Pakistan, including the latest and historical trends of cotton/polyester price difference. Our charts cover the past 5-year period. Full historical data covering the past eight years are available for download.

China's advantage in terms of fiber prices has been sharply reduced in September.

Cotton prices have stayed firm on China's domestic market whereas falling in India and Pakistan.

Polyester prices have more significantly increased in China than in India and Pakistan, in addition.

The rise of the renminbi has also further reduced the Chinese advantage if considering prices in dollar terms.

Cotton prices have risen more than 2% in local currency terms in China, as far as average prices are concerned, whereas the cotton indicators were falling 4.3% in India and 2.7% in Pakistan.

Cotton prices are expected further dropping in India and Pakistan over a rise of cotton output this season.

China could be forced to follow the same downward trend, as its cotton production will also sharply rise this year.

Polyester prices have surged in September in China, with average benchmark 1.4D PSD being up 8.2% in a single month and rising 16.7% in only three months.

Indian prices have been up 2.4% in September in Pakistan and India, by contrast

The Chinese polyester advantage has consecutively narrowed.

Although cotton prices may be expected falling in China, polyester prices could stay very firm, due to the high level of demand and the lack of additional capacities this year.

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