Mohair Fiber Prices in South Africa per quality and per sale - Historical data from 2007

Mohair Fiber Prices Quarterly Report

Mohair prices have remained very firm in the past months, over rising demand and tighter supply. The jump of cashmere and wool prices over the long term and the drought in South Africa have helped supporting prices. Our quarterly report covers the different market categories in South Africa, including kids, young, adults. Historical data back to 2007 are available for download, including all sales by Cape Mohair in Port Elisabeth, South Africa.

Mohair prices have recently risen in South Africa, over stronger demand from foreign buyers, including from China.

With other rival fiber prices increasing, demand has improved somewhat in the past months.

The largest offer of the year has not depressed price levels as a result, with a slight decline of the rand from the previous sale further supporting demand.

The kid indicator has gained 3.9% whereas the overall indicator has risen 3.6%.

Over the longer term however, mohair prices are not clearly rising, neither falling.

Demand is stimulated by higher wool and cashmere prices whereas production has fallen as a result of the drought in South Africa.

Prices should stay firm in the coming months.

Price DataBase

Monthly updated data are available about the Mohair Market:

Mohair prices in South Africa

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