Flax import prices and Linen yarn and fabric exports in China

Linen Fiber and Yarn Prices in China Quarterly Report

Flax fiber prices have fallen to very low levels at the end of the first half, before bottoming out in August. Linen yarn prices have also rebounded in the meantime, although still at low levels if considering the last four years. Our report offers a comprehensive view of the international market prices, including China's flax fiber import prices and linen yarn and fabric export prices. China's import and export data in volume and value terms are also available for download on a monthly basis back to December 2012.

Flax fiber prices have apparently bottomed out in August after falling to low levels in the preceding months.

The average import price in China has risen from 2.05$ per kilo to 2.13$, according to latest data supplied by Chinese customs, up 3.95% from the average price in July.

The flax prices had plunged by 8.7% in July from the previous month.

From a year earlier, August prices have dropped 18.2%, reflecting a double-digit year-on-year decline for the 6th consecutive month.

The slight rebound of August will therefore need to be confirmed in the following months.

According to EU's official data, export prices have recovered in July to 1.85 euro (2.13$) after falling as low as 1.81 euro (2.03$) in June.

A larger flax production in Europe could explain the fall of prices, as demand remains very firm from China.

Chinese imports have gained 6.6% in volume terms over the first eight months of the year, from the same period a year earlier when they had declined 6.8% by contrast.

In dollar terms, flax imports have fallen more than 9%, due to the decline of prices.

The fall of flax prices has been transmitted to the linen yarn market with export prices dropping to 7.33% on average over the 8-month period, down 12.3% from a year earlier.

Yarn export prices have begun however rebounding in the summer, rising from 7.25$ in May up to 7.82$ in July, before retreating back to 7.55$ in August.

Exports have also stopped falling in volume terms, by contrast with the sharp decline of 2016.

Linen fabric exports have even surged 20% in the January-August period after stagnating a year earlier.

Export prices have begun rebounding in July and August, however remaining far below their level a year earlier.

Dowload Full Data back to December 2012 (.csv file)

Dowload Full Data back to December 2012 (.csv file)


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