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China Textile & Clothing Production Costs Country Report

Production prices have more significantly risen in September in China, with the textile and clothing prices remaining however under control at factory gates. This statistical report offers a comprehensive view of production costs and consumer prices in China, including in textile and clothing sectors. Labor costs in major provinces are also being followed.

Production prices have continued more sharply rising for the second consecutive month in September.

Prices at factory gates have gained 6.9% from a year earlier. They had only risen 5.5% in July and 6.3% in August, by contrast.

The manufacturing sector has even experienced a jump of 9.1% of its product prices in September, a pace of growth not seen since last March.

Production prices at textile plants have only increased by 3% in September, in line with the year-on-year gains of the past months.

Clothing prices have been up 1.2% in September, not far from the previous data released since the start of the year.

The possible end of the disinflation process in China could indicate that demand is now stronger whereas capacities have been previously slashed.

Consumer prices remain however under control with the inflation rate at only 1.6% per year in September, partly due to a fall of food prices from a year earlier.

In a country confronted with financial tensions, monetary authorities may be expected avoiding any overheating.

The economic growth could however be stronger than earlier expected, reaching 7% in the second half.

Official data also indicate that a majority of companies anticipate a stronger business activity in the coming months.

The PMI index has jumped from 51.7% in August to 52.4% in September.


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