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Viscose Staple Fiber and Spun Yarn Prices Weekly Report

Viscose prices have slightly risen in China, over a need for replenishing stocks ahead of coming holidays. Our weekly report covers the viscose/rayon staple fiber and filament markets over the last 12 months. Viscose spun yarn prices in China, India and Pakistan are also available. Cotton linter, cotton pulp and wood pulp prices on domestic and import markets are being tracked over the last 12 months, in addition.

Viscose staple fiber prices have continued rising in the past seven days, for the second consecutive week, over a low inventory level at processing plants.

Benchmark 1.5D VSF has gained 100 yuan per metric ton or 0.7%.

Prices have risen 2.1% from their level four weeks ago.

This is not a real rebound, with prices being only supported by a need for replenishing inventories ahead of new year holidays in about three weeks.

Demand should not really recover before the end of February.

The viscose market is confronted with major structural changes currently in China which accounts for about 70% of global output.

On one side, new production capacities are expected depressing prices in the coming period.

On the other hand, more stringent environmental rules mean that more capacities will be shut down.

Another consequence will be the concentration of the viscose market, as only largest companies are able to provide the required production process.

Smallest units are therefore being shut down.

The development of recycled viscose could also affect the market over the long term whereas the current increase of cotton prices may boost demand over the short term.

Finally, a ban on cotton waste imports as of January 1st could result in higher cotton linter prices in the coming months and could also affect the viscose market, as raw material prices of many viscose producers will rise.

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