Recycled Polyester Prices in China (re-PSF and re-PFY)

Recycled Polyester Prices in China (New Report)

Prices for recycled polyester PSF are at the same level as they were 3 months ago, while prices for recycled polyester POY have rebounded after a drastic fall at the beginning of the year, now standing at a record high. Our new report covers the price development of recycled polyester PSF and POY in China over the past two years. Prices are also compared with those of virgin (un-recycled) PSF prices for more information. Weekly prices as well as Indices over 3-month and 2-year periods are available for download.

Prices for recycled PSF have remained very stable over the past 3 months, currently standing at 8,430 yuan/MT compared to 8,442 yuan/MT at the end of October.

Prices for recycled POY have rebounded after a drastic fall at the beginning of the year, now standing at 8,735 yuan/MT, up by 4.3% since October.

Compared to January of last year, recycled polyester prices have risen by 21.29% and 11.99% for PSF and POY respectively.

In dollar terms, prices for recycled PSF and POY over the last year have increased at a higher rate, up by 30.05% and 20.07% respectively.

This is due to the rise of the yuan relative to the dollar.

Over the last 2 years, prices for recycled PSF and POY have experienced a 45% and 53% increase, respectively.

Comparing prices between recycled PSF and virgin PSF reveals that both prices move together over the long term, while recycled PSF prices are more stable over the short and medium term.

Prices for recycled PSF are below those of virgin PSF, the former being around one tenth less expensive.

This is surprising, as the produced quantity of virgin polyester is much larger and the process to recycle polyester supposedly more expensive than it is to produce virgin polyester.

On average, over the past 2 years, virgin PSF has been more expensive than its recycled counterpart by more than 900 yuan/MT.

However, over the past 24 months the spread between prices for recycled PSF and virgin PSF has reduced, now being 795 yuan/MT.

Prices are likely to increase further in the future, partly due to China’s ban on the import of solid waste in January.

This import ban, which includes PET waste used to produce recycled PSF, is disrupting the raw material supply chain of recycled PSF.

While China usually produces more than 4 million tons of recycled PSF, the industry capacity utilization is currently very low at about 50%, due to a lack of raw materials.

This development of short supply and higher prices for recycled PSF has already translated into rising demand for non-recycled fibers, such as virgin PSF or cotton.

On the other hand, demand for recycled polyester may remain strong, as sustainability is becoming increasingly important for consumers.

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