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Wool Prices in Australia Weekly Report

Demand for wool has sharply rebounded this week in Australia, over a spectacular fall of the Aussie dollar. The market indicator has recorded its highest weekly gain in seven years, at least in A$ terms. Our report delivers a comprehensive view of wool prices in Australia, with a long list of micron types in A$, US$ and euro terms. Historical charts are also available, such as downloadable historical data. Links to weekly market reports in New Zealand and South Africa are provided.

Wool prices have soared this week in Australia, where the price indicator has rebounded in a spectacular way, offering growers its largest weekly rise in seven years.

The EMI has gained 80 A$ cents per kilo clean at 1,818 cents.

Such a recovery is partly due to a sharp fall of the Australian dollar having lost about 3% in a single week.

Demand from China has therefore been very strong, even a few days before the spring holidays which were expected depressing market activity.

In US$ terms, the EMI has only gained 22 cents at 1,420 cents, rising 1.6%.

The price indicator has climbed 2.9% in euro terms, or 32 cents, ending the week at 1,158 euro cents.

The rally was apparently losing steam in the last hours of Thursday, especially in Fremantle. Prices could therefore return to lower levels in the next week, partly due to Chinese holidays.

Superfine wool has once again rocketed this week, with 16.5 microns surging 138 A$ cents in Sydney and even 153 cents in Melbourne.

From a year earlier, 16.5 microns is up 47% in US$ terms, with fine categories gaining about 35% and medium categories rising about 25%.

Demand does not look afraid by such a jump of material prices in the wool pipeline, reflecting strong interest at retail where the development of cashmere sweaters is supporting sales of cheaper wool products.

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