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Polyester Chain Prices: PX, PTA, MEG and Fiber Prices (Weekly Report)

28 January 2019 - Polyester chain prices are remaining very firm in the current period, although Chinese holidays are now in sight. Polyester fiber prices have rebounded over a jump of PTA prices earlier this month. Paraxylene prices have continued rising, with profit margins improving at PX plants whereas falling at PTA plants, as reflected by our new price spread tables. Our weekly report covers the polyester chain in Asia, including PX (paraxylene), PTA (purified terephthalic acid), MEG (mono-ethylene glycol), polyester chips, and polyester staple and filament prices. Asian Contract Prices (ACPs) are also available for the PX, PTA and MEG markets in Asia, with 5-year charts and downloadable historical data.

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