Top Questions

  • How quickly do I get access to ET's content after submitting payment?
  • - If you pay by creditcard, access will be immediate. If you pay by Swift transfer, access will be granted upon receipt of the payment or upon proof of payment (you may send us the confirmation receipt via e-mail)

  • How long do the subscriptions last?
  • - The subscriptions are valid for a period of 12 months from the first day the payment is received.

  • Can I have a trial subscription?
  • - You may get a free limited access to our content by   registering.

    - In addition, our   sample reports provide access to extensive list of statistical reports.

  • How can I change my username and password?
  • - You may   send us a message with your new username and password, we will make the modification and confirm via e-mail.

  • How do I register, update or cancel e-mail alerts?
  • - Please go to our   email alert page for guidance.

  • I'm having trouble opening or printing a PDF file on your site?
  • - This problem can usually be solved by saving the .pdf to your hard drive or desktop first, then opening it.

  • I cannot locate my original invoice?
  • - You will find a link to your invoice in the confirmation email you have received after your payment has been submitted.
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