Polyester Chain Price Database: Sample Reports

The Polyester chain database  covers the polyester chain prices in Asia, including crude oil, paraxylene, PTA, MEG, polyester chips, polyester staple fibers and filament yarns.

Tables are updated on daily and monthly basis. More comprehensive data can be downloaded through csv files.

The polyester presentation  offers a comprehensive view of our polyester coverage.

Polyester Chain Prices in Eastern Asia

  •   Crude Oil, PX, PTA, MEG, Polyester Chips and Fibers (Daily)
  •      Table:      Daily Prices                    1-Year .csv    
         Table:      Sample    

  •   Crude Oil, PX, PTA, MEG, Polyester Chips and Fibers (Historical)
  •      Tables:      Monthly Prices              10-Year .csv
         Tables:      Sample  

PTA & MEG Prices in China

  •   PTA & MEG Prices in China (Daily)
  •      Table:      Daily Prices                   1-Year .csv   
         Table:      Sample

  •   PTA & MEG Prices in China (Historical)
  •      Tables:      Monthly Prices             10-Year .csv    
         Tables:      Sample   

PTA Futures in China

  •   PTA Futures in China
  •      Table:      Daily Prices                    .csv File    
         Table:      Sample   
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