Wool and Acrylic Price DataBase: Sample Tables

Our Wool and Acrylic price database  covers the wool prices in Australia for a large number of micron categories on the Sydney, Melbourne and Fremantle markets. Acrylic and acrylonitrile prices in China are also released on a daily and monthly basis.

Our pdf presentation offers a comprehensive view of our price database.

Wool Market in Australia

  •   Wool Prices in Australia (Northern, Southern and Western Markets)
  •          Tables:      A$ Daily          Euros Daily          US$ Daily    
             Tables:      Sample          Sample          Sample    

  •   Wool Prices in Australia (Eastern Market Indicator)
  •          Tables:      A$     Euros     US$     8-Year Data    
             Tables:      Sample     Sample     Sample    

Acrylic Market in China

  •   Acrylic Prices (Daily)
  •          Tables:      Daily Prices          1-Year Data    
             Tables:      Sample    

  •   Acrylic Prices (Historical)
  •          Tables:      Monthly Prices          7-Year Data    
             Tables:      Sample    
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