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Egypt's Crisis Began Affecting Textile Production (Country Report)

10 February 2011 - The Egyptian revolution is now triggering a series of strikes at domestic textile plants, potentially disrupting production and shipments to foreign countries. A return to normal is however being reported at other factories which had been shut down a few weeks ago. Egypt's labor costs are also expected to strongly increase from their very low levels while shipments of ELS cotton fibers and cotton yarns may be affected. Full Report...    Sample Report...    Table Of Content...

US Duty-Free Imports from Jordan and Egypt Are Recovering (Country Report)

16 June 2010 - US duty-free apparel imports from Qualifying Industrial Zones (QIZs) in Jordan and Egypt began recovering in the first quarter this year. Shipments of products made with Asian synthetic fabrics were much stronger than in the last quarters of 2009. With labor costs rising in China, the duty-free advantage is back on the US apparel market. Full Report...    Sample Report...    Table Of Content...

US Duty-Free Apparel Imports in Free Fall This Year (Statistical Report)

6 August 2009 - US apparel imports under duty-free access are more sharply falling this year, reflecting the stronger competition from China after quotas were eliminated. After resisting for years, duty-free imports from Central America are retreating while shipments from QIZs in the Middle East or from sub-Saharan Africa are also negatively affected. Full Report...

EU Imports from Euromed in First Quarter 2009 (Statistical Report)

23 July 2009 - European clothing imports from Turkey, Tunisia and Morocco more strongly declined over the first quarter than from Asian origins, reflecting the search for lower prices in economic recession and surging competitiveness from China on a post-quota market. Euromediterranean sources are more negatively affected on the woven clothing market where prices continued increasing by contrast with declining knit clothing prices, as indicated by our long series of statistical tables. Full Report...


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