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US Duty-Free Apparel Imports in Free Fall This Year (Statistical Report)

6 August 2009 - US apparel imports under duty-free access are more sharply falling this year, reflecting the stronger competition from China after quotas were eliminated. After resisting for years, duty-free imports from Central America are retreating while shipments from QIZs in the Middle East or from sub-Saharan Africa are also negatively affected. Full Report...

Jordan Implements New I.L.O. Monitoring Programme (Country Report)

12 February 2008 - Jordan's apparel exports started falling in the last year, mainly due to stronger competition from Asian trouser producers. Although Jordan is taking advantage of duty-free access on the US market, rising costs are affecting its competitive advantage. Very poor working conditions in newly established QIZs are now forcing suppliers in accepting a new monitoring program controlled by the International Labour Organization and modelled on the Cambodian experiment ten years ago. Full Report...    Sample Report...

US Apparel Imports from Jordan in 2006 (Country Report)

2 May 2007 - US apparel imports from Jordan further rose in 2006 thanks to the duty-free access offered to apparel made of Asian fabrics. The Jordanian success is however threatened by poor working conditions that were denounced in the United States and by surging competition from Egypt that now enjoys similar duty-free access on the US market. Full Report...    Sample Report...

Jordan rocked by abuse claims  (SAMPLE)

5 May 2006 - Politicians in the US have urged the government to investigate claims made by a US-based human rights organisation that systematic abuse of workers exists in Jordan. The two countries have a free trade agreement which insists that labour rights in Jordan are enforced subject to possible sanctions should it fail to do so. Full Report...


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